Taylor Swift’s presale breaks Ticketmaster


Micheal Hicks

Taylor Swift’s presale for her “Eras Tour” creates unprecedented traffic to Ticketmaster, crashing both their website and app.

Reagan Russell, Coeditor-in-Chief

On Nov. 14, Ticketmaster sent out verified fan presale codes. Over three million people signed up for the chance of being eligible for presale and very few were fortunate enough to receive a code.

Presale began at 10 a.m. local time for each concert on Nov. 15, and fans began to see issues right away. Ticketmaster saw record amounts of people in the queue on their website and their app, leading both to eventually crash.

Once fans got into the queue, it was paused for over two hours. In attempts to try to manage the overall traffic. However, after the queue became unpaused fans still had a while before tickets could be purchased.

“I sat in the queue for four and a half hours. Throughout the process it was just very stressful because me and my other friends were waiting to get tickets and each of us just kept getting kicked out once we got into the pick your seats portion,” said senior Emily Panek.

Fans reported getting sent to the back of the queue after their long wait because of several different Ticketmaster error codes. The website and app were not built to handle such an ambitious fanbase and problems were bound to occur.

Ticketmaster had no protection against scalpers and bots entering their queue as well. Resale tickets for the floor are ranging from $800 to $33,000 which are unaffordable for most people. Very few fans were able to get tickets and for a reasonable price.

“Once I got tickets I just felt very relieved and I couldn’t breathe because I was so shocked,” said Panek.

There are still two more opportunities for fans to get tickets: Capital One presale and general admission sales. Capital One presale begins on Nov. 16 and general admission follows on the 18. It is still expected that both sales will be extremely competitive and it will not be easy to get tickets. Although fans are still optimistic Ticketmaster will resolve their problems before the sales begin.