• March 12BREAKING NEWS: Forest Gump actor Tom Hanks tested positive due to COVID-19
  • March 12BREAKING NEWS: Major Illinois universities have gone online due to COVID-19
  • March 12BREAKING NEWS: Hinsdale South High school has shutdown due to COVID-19
  • March 12BREAKING NEWS: St. Patricks day parade cancelled due to COVID-19
  • March 12BREAKING NEWS: NHL season suspended due to COVID-19
  • March 12BREAKING NEWS: NBA season suspended due to COVID-19

A deeper look into Bob Macuilis

Grace Krakar and Katelyn Krakar

February 28, 2019

Bob Macuilis started working at LHS 11 years ago. Being apart of the high school for so long has taught him a lot about not only himself, but about the kids he has taught and been with since some were even in sixth grade. He en...

The Science Department welcomes two new teachers

Natalie Palarz, Staff Writer and Business/PR Manager

February 12, 2018

Mrs. Bialek: Of quarks she loves physics With the introduction of the rigorous course of Advanced Placement Physics II, new teacher Mrs. Tina Bialek decided to take on the challenge of teaching this college-level class. Along w...

Is it fair for teachers to refuse to write passes?

Baillie Costigan, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

February 2, 2018

Getting a pass to go to the bathroom doesn’t seem like a big deal right? Well, apparently to some teachers, it is. Some situations are understandable like having the student wait for a better time to go. Nothing is more...

Meet an English Enthusiast who’s a terrific teacher

Morgan Page, Staff Writer and Co-Editor

November 13, 2017

One teacher that always includes fun within their lesson plan is the one and only Mrs. Armbrecht. She teaches a variety of English classes, including AP Literature, ELL Tutorial, Supernatural Literature, and academic Englis...