Minor league sports: the forgotten art of supporting local teams

Morgan Page, Story Editor

Possibly the greatest thing in life is minor league sports.

Compared to the national level, minor league sports are often more affordable and have a better selection of seats. These items are critical when looking for a great time out.

The Chicago Wolves recently played an intense game against the Grand Rapids Griffins. These seats also gave a view that would put any person who claims to love hockey fights in tears. 

The Wolves played their hearts at during their final game. (Photo by Morgan Page)

Taking place on May 13, it was game five in the Central Division Finals, and unfortunately, the Wolves’ last game in Chicago’s 2017 Calder Cup Playoffs.

While the game was not packed full like the United Center when the Blackhawks were fighting for the Stanley Cup, the crowd was full of dedicated fans, each rooting for their team.

The Wolves fought hard, tying the game at the end of the second period. However, the Griffins took the lead and won the game with a 5 to 2 victory.

The game, like many others, is a reminder that local support for our teams is necessary to keep these non-national teams alive. However, if the drive out to see the teams isn’t worth it, Lemont has several recreational ones that play at the baseball fields around town as well as a variety of high school teams that are playing hard to defend their respective titles.